Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Anthony Browne

New Children's Laureate launches campaign to get children drawing.

Anthony Browne is concerned that the pressure of national curriculum tests means priority is given to reading rather than drawing.
He believes that the two should be prized in equal measure and any failure to promote art could lead to a shortage of talented artists in later years. He has called for a day to be set aside each year for children to indulge their artistic side.

Well, bravo, that can be no bad thing, but why only once a year? At least once a term, please!

The day Michael Jackson died I spent hours trawling the internet for the face of Michael as I shall remember him. I couldn't find a photo to my liking! I got soooo frustrated, not least because of time wasted, and I haven't looked at the news, with a view to drawing, since. Until today. I set myself a task, so no excuses from now on.
Not so good with the likeness today, but, hey, I'm out of practise.

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Art with Liz said...

Oh but I do so agree with these sentiments, but as you say, why only once a year?? Great drawing. Again.