Friday, 24 September 2010

Michael Stipe

Not a good likeness, again! I spent too long on this, fiddling. As I told the girls at the WA on Wednesday, I find it best to start by blocking in shapes, light and dark, and the details kind of find themselves. If you start with details, eyes, for instance, it is nigh on impossible to change them if they are wrong.  I should pay attention to myself.


Anonymous said...

It's a good portrait; would've been perfect except that the bridge of his nose is too long and kinda loses direction. If I cover the lower half of the face, it looks perfect. If I cover the top half starting from above the tip of his nose, looks fine. It's the in between that went too long. Some construction problems with the nose.

Still, an awesome portrait. Wish I could do half as good.

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous, I see just what you mean. I would prefer that you weren't ashamed of your observations?