Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ben Gardner

Boy, 10, charged full price at restaurant after waiter measured him and said he was too tall for children's menu.

A boy of ten charged full price for a buffet after he was measured by restaurant staff who said he was too tall to qualify for the children's menu.
Ben Gardner tucked into the all-you-can eat Chinese buffet at a discounted rate of £5.
But after the meal, staff charged his parents the full £10 adult price.
When they questioned the bill, waiters said they had measured the 4ft 11ins boy earlier, while he had been up at the counter filling up his plate, and that he was 9cm over the 140cm height limit.

The world is crazy! I know rules are rules, but whatever happened to common sense!


Anonymous said...

We went to one of those All you Can Eat places in Ipswich last week and laughed at this. The same thing applied. OK if you are small and 18 years old!

Art with Liz said...

I've been away for two weeks and what a great roll back on this blog. Love it.