Friday, 19 June 2009

Sophie Frost

Saved by my iPod: Girl survives lightning strike after dangling headphones divert 300,000 volts.

A teenage girl who was struck by lightning may have been saved by her iPod, it emerged today.
Sophie Frost and boyfriend Mason Billington, both 14, were sheltering beneath a tree in a storm when the 300,000-volt bolt hit her iPod, knocking them out.
But since her headphones were hanging from her school uniform - and not in her ears - the wires diverted some of the current away from her body, avoiding vital organs.
The effect of the strike was also reduced because she was holding hands with Mason at the time, splitting the shock between them.
Sophie escaped with minor burns while Mason, who recovered first and heroically carried her to safety, received eye damage which doctors hope will not be permanent.

Lucky girl, I wish Sophie a speedy recovery. Mason, too.

But maybe she wouldn't have been struck by lightning at all if she hadn't had the iPod!


Sophieey Frostbite! said...

Heyy, this is Sophie Frost.
I just came across this looking through google and I think this is really nice.
I thank you so much for your support and I've saved your sketch.
Thanks a bunch and I hope your doing well.

Sophieey Frostbite! said...

Heyy, I saw this whilst looking through google and I think it's amazing.
Thank you for your support and care.
I think you're an amazing artist and I've saved the sketch.
Thanks for your support.
Sophie Frost.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a story, I missed the thunderstorms because I was 20 miles from Oxford visiting my son, not even a drop of rain!

Sharon Wright said...

Hello Sophie, so delighted to hear from you, and with such a lovely comment. Such a very, very scary thing to happen, I am so, so glad to are here to tell the tale.
My very best wishes to you.

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks Carolann, glad you missed it, I hate thunderstorms, so noisy!

Art with Liz said...

Amazing story, fantastic portrait and how lovely that Sophie found you!