Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Grayson Wynne

Boy, nine, survives wilderness thanks to tips from Bear Grylls.

A boy of nine lost alone in the wilderness for 24 hours survived using tips learned from Bear Grylls.
Grayson Wynne knew he had to find a shelter for the night, conserve his energy and if possible leave clues for searchers, thanks to watching the British adventurer’s TV show.
He ripped up his yellow jacket and tied the pieces to trees just as he had seen on Man vs Wild, the U.S. version of Grylls’s survival programme.

Rescuers followed the markers and Grayson, who went missing when he wandered off on a family camping trip, was spotted by park rangers scouring the million-acre Ashley National Forest in Utah.
His first words when reunited with his parents Kynan and Kimberley were ‘Happy Father’s Day’.
‘I was really scared,’ he added. ‘But Man vs Wild tells you how to survive all different terrains.’
His father added: 'The thing that he recognised from the show, regardless of the circumstances you're in, you are capable of surviving.'
Oh, I do like a happy ending! Well done, Grayson.


Kynan wynne said...

Sharon, you are very talented. Thank you for your kind comments! You portrait is great!

Kynan Wynne (Grayson's father)

Sharon Wright said...

Hi, Kynan, thank you. I'm so glad Grayson came through his ordeal. An intelligent, very cool guy, your son! Bet he gets it from his dad?