Friday, 27 March 2009


Indonesia dam burst kills dozens
Scenes of devastation caused by the burst dam
A dam has burst south-west of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, killing at least 58 people.
Witnesses said a "horrifying" flash flood of water up to 4m (13ft) deep engulfed hundreds of homes in Cirendeu in the Tangerang district.
Officials say they expect the death toll to rise, and 150 body bags have been sent to the scene.
An official said the Situ Gintung lake behind the dam became overloaded after hours of heavy rain.
"The dam was an old dam, 16m (52ft) deep," said Ratu Atut Chosiyah, governor of Banten province, where the lake is located.
"Last night, because of heavy rain, the dam could not hold back the water so it broke," she added.
Thick mud is hampering rescue teams, but the waters have now begun to recede.

The incident happened at about 0200 local time (1900 GMT) in what is a popular tourist area.
This poor child is one of the lucky ones, but the bewildered look on his face says it all. I have never experienced anything like this, we have no extremes of anything in England, but I can imagine.
The drawing disappoints, today, I haven't got him quite right.

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