Monday, 30 March 2009

Prince Charles

What happens when you let a prince design a fire station?

It's 25 years since Prince Charles delivered his most memorable denunciation of modern British architecture.
His 'monstrous carbuncle' attack on one proposed design was followed by a call for buildings of elegance and dignity.
Maybe this one, which has sprouted in his model village project at Poundbury, Dorset, is what he was driving at.
The question locals are asking, however, is whether it is appropriate for their new fire station to look like, er, Buckingham Palace.
The £3 million building, which will be the HQ for Dorset Fire Service, includes neo-classical pillars and a mock balcony.
One resident wrote on a local internet forum: 'It really does look like a miniature Buck House...a blot on the landscape.'

It took a long time to find a news item that made me smile, rather than cry!

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