Sunday, 29 March 2009

Gordon Brown

Disloyalty. Humiliation. The week that Brown's grand vision was brutally shattered.

For the past three months, Gordon Brown has truly cared about only one event: the G20 economic summit he will host in London next week.
He resolved that he would use this gathering of world leaders to save the global economy, salvage his own diminishing reputation and provide Labour with a launchpad to win the next General Election.
In particular, the Prime Minister planned to construct what he calls a 'grand bargain' between the world's leading industrial nations, which would see them commit themselves to a massive spending package that would kickstart the global economy and thereby jolt us all out of recession.
Finally, he hoped that, as a consequence, David Cameron and the Tories (who have opposed his public spending plans) would become isolated from the international consensus.

The end of a gruelling week for Gordon Brown
However, in what amounts to a personal tragedy, Gordon Brown's dream has died.
The last few days have seen a series of brutal, debilitating and totally unexpected humiliations as one world leader after another has come out and rubbished his idea of extra spending.

From The Mail on Sunday.

I don't understand all this, so I have no comment.

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