Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Billy Joel

Billy Joel edges out Elton John

On the surface, it always has seemed like a natural pairing: two of the rock era's most successful acts -- piano-based or otherwise -- dispensing hit after hit after hit.

But look a little deeper and the contrasts between Elton John and Billy Joel far outweigh the similarities. And their latest Face 2 Face arena show Saturday at Anaheim's Honda Centre again hammered home those differences, even as the packed house cheered the pop feast.
The most obvious is the performing styles. Both men still have a command of their instrument, but their manic stage days are behind them. And that's fine; John turned 62 last Wednesday, and Joel hits 60 in May.
But latter-day John is all about the music, mostly sitting stoically at his piano; Joel's still about the show, his eighty-eight on a rotator so that every in-the-round patron got a good look. John prefers a quiet dignity onstage, only occasionally addressing the audience; Joel is demonstrative, offering some rimshot-worthy shtick.
Basically, John plays to the crowd; Joel feeds off it. So while Sir Elton will never cede the catalogue crown, in his stage battle with the kid from Long Island, the latter continues to win the Face 2 Faceoffs.
BUT ' It's them they were coming to see to forget about life for a while.'

From Reuters
Billy Joel is my all time absolute favourite singer/songwriter. I never tire of listening to his songs.
So this item jumped out at me this morning. I see Billy is touring again with Elton John and I hope he comes to England again. Although Elton was brilliant on his own last time, it was such a disappointment that poor Billy had a sore throat and had to cancel. The MAGIC was missing.


Art with Liz said...

Ohmygosh Sharon, I've had to go back through all these drawing - don't computerise for a couple of days and look what happens! Your drawings are fantastic and I love the one of Gordon Brown - you caught the moment perfectly. I'll keep coming back, these are great.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all good stuff, hope you get the time to still sketch when your on the move!!