Saturday, 4 April 2009


Madonna faces her disappointment at the failed adoption in Malawi.

My own personal feeling is that it does no good to displace a child, take away their own culture, it can store up trouble for the future. By all means live in Malawi and look after the children!


Art with Liz said...

I love this blog. It's so topical and the drawings are fantastic.

The Madonna adoptions are a double edged sword. Living in Africa I see almost daily the poverty and desperation of street kids and wonder what would have been their fate if they'd been adopted and taken away. There is the argument about culture and language, but AIDS has decimated Africa so I think the only thing that would be lost is the language of the child. Orphanages are not part of African culture - the grandparents always took the responsibility of bringing up the child. Now, no grandparents. It's a hard choice!

Anonymous said...

Its a sad topic really, this child could have had a wonderful life with every opportunity. Someone I know has adopted a chinese little girl, unwanted in china, she is so happy and sweet. What would have happened to her in China? Anyway, great drawings Sharon, I love them all. How long do they take to draw?