Friday, 10 April 2009

Bob Quick

Police chief Bob Quick steps down over terror blunder.
Britain's most senior counter terrorism officer resigns over security leak that resulted a major anti-terror operation, designed to foil an alleged al-Qaida plot to bomb Britain, being rushed forward.
I drew this on yesterday, but had no time to post, and then was out all day today, delivering paintings for exhibition and catching up with friends and family. Does that mean I have to do two tomorrow?? !!

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Cathyann said...

Another good one!Sharon and yes,you do have to make up for the distractions we call life! go to your room and draw!LOL. Why is it we artists feel like we are being naughty when caught up in daily duties and administrivia? We all seem to have been grumbling about this time management of late,seemingly neglecting that which feeds our very soul..hmmm